Whatever your reasons for looking for a home extension Bedfordshire, at Performance Build, you will find our services to be ideal in terms of our level of quality and the competitiveness of our prices.

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Home Extension Service Bedfordshire

Creating space within your existing home or extending the space in order to get an improved look can give you valuable space.

Performance Build Bedfordshire is a ‘building organisation’ that delivers small to large extensions.

Thinking of moving house or looking to extend would be a perfect choice that customers have to investigate but if you do decide to extend then we are the perfect choice.

Builders that care and deliver the perfect home extension projects every time Bedfordshire

Types Of Extensions

These are the types of extensions we offer:

  • Outbuilding, orangeries and conservatories.
  • Loft conversion
  • Single, double or multistorey.
  • Wrap around the home extension.
  • Basement.
  • Garage and rear extensions.
  • Room Extensions, such as living room, bedroom, office etc.

If you have a different extension on mind, that isn’t on the list just contact us, and we can build you a FREE quote around anything you want to be done!

The makeover of the room lies on a perfectly designed and well-aligned effort. And at the same time does not seem ‘overwhelming’ when you look at it from a larger perspective.

Go ahead and Contact us today! Be it a small or a big extension; there is no difference in selecting whatsoever. Also, there is nothing called as a ‘base project acceptance’ as we include the ‘minute’ extensions also to be contracted with us.

Modern or Contemporary

We deliver projects to your vision and brief. We ensure the project is more than perfect for clients and within budget.

The makeover of the room lies on a perfectly designed and well-aligned effort. At the same time, it does not seem overwhelming for you to take on.

To get the room you are looking to have, it sometimes depends all upon the appearance, many times the makeover finishes the room! 

Here at Performance Build, we have painters and decorators who can make your finishes extension look exactly how you envisioned it to be!

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